New Installations

Works done properly at guaranteed cost reduction

Tamco will beat any quotation on a correctly sized system regardless of make on a like for like basis using one of our preferred manufacturers.

Many companies are incorrectly sizing systems in order that they can use smaller equipment which costs less; however the system will struggle to cater with the cooling load and will eventually fail due to being over worked. However if the system is correctly sized we guarantee that we will beat the price regardless of what equipment our competitors have used and we will use a superior manufacturer.

Maintenance Contracts

Works done properly at guaranteed cost reduction

Guarantee a service 10% lower than you currently pay.

We guarantee that on all new maintenance contracts that we will reduce your cost whilst still doing the works to a far higher standard.  We know that by doing the works that we are contracted to do to a far higher standard will reduce the amount of repairs that will be required and lower the running costs of the system and extend the life expectancy of the equipment.

You have nothing to lose allow us to provide a maintenance quotation; the chances are our price will be lower, the works will be executed to a higher standard and your repair and running costs will be reduced accordingly.